The Ninch is your local guide to the Mornington Peninsula covering eat, drink, to do and everything you need to know about.


We live in Mornington. It's a bayside town on the Mornington Peninsula. The best place. To the locals, it's often called 'the Ninch' as in Pe-nin-sula... There's always something happening, always something to check out and a new place for coffee.

One weekend, we were lost on what to do. And that's pretty much how The Ninch was born. A local guide to the Mornington Peninsula. Sorry city slickers, the locals really do know the best places to go, the places off the beaten track and the places you want to spend your time.

The Ninch has been a personal passion of ours for a number of years. We just love the Peninsula, and the people who call this place home. We decided to take it upon ourselves to do something to help this place and its people thrive, grow and get noticed. There's not much more you'd want from a place when you're considering where to live, it's pretty darn amazing.

However, despite all that's going on for good, there's still a hidden yet present undercurrent of poverty, disadvantage and depression. Something that's breaks our hearts. If The Ninch could do anything, we'd love it to impact the people of our community for good. All of them. Why couldn't the Mornington Peninsula be a place where everyone has enough food to eat, a place to put their feet up and enough money to visit that beautiful winery.

In our minds, that starts in grassroots where business has a large part to play. So that's what we're doing. Helping businesses, help people.

And to all our helpers, friends and contributors, we couldn't have done it without you. I love that this has been built by people for people. So enjoy it.

Marcel McCarthy
Publisher & Creative Director

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