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Taught by Jade Lees-Pavey, a Mordialloc based artist who dabbles in all forms of art, specialising in ceramics and printmaking, the course builds knowledge and skills of the ceramic art-form. Through years of study via both a formal education and through collaboration with other artists, Jade has developed what she calls a ‘skills toolbox’ of artistic knowledge. With a philosophy revolving around partnership and knowledge sharing; Jade believes that “not all knowledge is taught in the one school.”

The classes, which run over 8 weeks, with 2 hour classes the same time every week, gives students the opportunity to explore hand-crafting ceramics, using techniques such as coiling, slap building, and pinching. Due to the structure of the course, consistent attendance each week is recommended in order to maximise the potential of the course.

Providing all the necessary equipment, tools and guidance, the use of commercial glazes and the option to fire your ceramic pieces at the end of the 8 week process (for an additional cost), the course allows you to create beautiful and unique ceramic pieces to be used as decor, functional tableware, sculpture and artwork for your home.

The perfect way to kick-start to your ceramics journey, or hone your talent, the class is recommended to both beginners and intermediate ceramic artists, and is available to any participants over the age of 12.