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Monday, March 14, 2022
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Essential Theatre is back with their 20th anniversary season of Shakespeare in the Vines. What better way to celebrate this enormous milestone than with a brand new production.

As You Like It brings all of Shakespeare’s best ideas together in one masterful play of love, betrayal, mischief, and foolery, and features some of the most iconic and memorable Shakespearean lines ever spoken.

Led by experienced theatre makers Amanda LaBonte & Sophie Lampel, Essential Theatre re-interpret classic texts for modern audiences delivering vibrant and engaging productions. They strip back any preconceived ideas as to how Shakespeare “should” be presented and create productions accessible and enjoyable for all. Experience has taught them how to juggle inclement and unpredictable weather, noisy cockatoos, stray dogs and most importantly how to celebrate the brilliant words of William Shakespeare.

Join Crittenden for a wonderful night of entertainment, wine and food. Bring your own picnic, and enjoy wine from the estate. Gates open at 4pm, performance starts at 5pm.