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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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This autumn, immerse yourself in Latin American, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian cultures throughout the Ventana Fiesta Frankston. This year the Ventana Fiesta includes the grand opening carnival, workshops, exhibitions, film festival and performances. Even before the Carnival starts, get involved with hosted Workshops to get familiar with the culture and spirit of South America. Learn to salsa dance, contribute to the carnival or get crafty in creative workshops, starting in February.

The carnival showcases the best of South American food and culture and promises treats both delicious and entertaining. Kick off this years’ Fiesta with the Parade take advantage of the Spanish Bar, Food Trucks and Demonstrations, Art Exhibitions and Welcome concert all in one day. The fiesta boasts a diverse mix of South American cultures with performances including Colombian Dancers, Drumming and Bolivian and Brazilian Music.

Enjoy art showcasing talent and themes, or opt for a guided tour of the exhibition at Cube37. Round out your cultural experiences with a viewing of one of the Festivals many Films; you’ll find Argentinian, Guatemalan and Indigenous films on offer.

‍There’s something for everyone this utumn at the Ventana Fiesta.