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Kate Ryan is a Shoreham local and the founder of Alepp, a social enterprise designed to do good.

The concept for Alepp started with a beautiful, natural product that was hard to find in the Australian market. Made from laurel berry and olive oil, it's a gentle cleanser used for centuries in the Middle East.

The golden bars are rich, hydrating, and gentle on the skin, offering a luxurious and sustainable alternative to plastic pump packs. The bars are silky smooth to the touch and soften naturally as they lather. Over time, the golden outer shell washes away to reveal a lush, olive-green interior.

Having sensitive skin herself, Kate was first introduced to the natural cleanser whilst travelling through Turkey. There, Aleppo soap is commonly found at markets, piled high in its various shapes and forms. It’s a natural anti-bacterial and a self-care staple used in ancient bathing rituals.

In 2020, with the pandemic in full swing and a milestone birthday fast approaching, Kate had begun to consider how she could make a positive impact whilst stuck at home. She’d been volunteering at the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Footscray prior to lockdown, and was looking for a tangible way to continue supporting those vulnerable communities. With 25 years of corporate communications experience behind her, Kate chose this simple, tried-and-true product as her vehicle to deliver change.

Kate connected with a Syrian refugee from Aleppo in Istanbul who was able to introduce her to a group of traditional soap makers and factories in the region. Once she’d mapped out her supply chain, she got to work on the design – creating a thoughtful and elevated brand that reflected the beauty of the product.

The result is refined and elegant, transporting you to a sensual day spa or a high-end apothecary. Each bar is hand-stamped and enveloped in letter-pressed wrap, with 28 individual folds creating an origami-like casing. Once unfurled, the spicy, earthy scent from the laurel berry is instantly grounding, the organic form fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. From concept to curation, each step has been considered, time-tested and delivered with care.

Whilst Alepp soaps are a beautiful addition to any bathroom, you can lather up knowing that every bar gives back, too. The social enterprise proudly donates 100% of profits from every sale to support refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

Soaps start at $25 (including shipping) with the option to add Alepp's signature gifted wrap at checkout.