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An artist who lives, leads and creates from the heart, Bri Horne describes her creative practice as a slow, intentional unfurling - a learning to capture and channel her own awe, appreciation and excitement through photography and poetry.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts, in Theatre and Performance, Bri was unsure about how best to use her creativity, passion and connection to the earth in a way that really resonated. Photography was a side practice that slowly developed from small paid gigs with closely aligned locals and projects, to a full-time focus alongside storytelling. Her hauntingly beautiful prints remain all about genuine connection and alignment to both people and place.  

Bri explains… “All of my physical offerings are created from a place of deep intentionality. When I’m photographing nature, I do so in deep reverence. It’s really like a meditation practice. I sit or stand in stillness, connecting with my breath, connecting with the country that I’m on. Paying attention and paying deep respect”.

“The space I hold is very gentle. Having our photographs taken is a very vulnerable thing. To be present, standing in front of another human, and be truly seen in all that we are, is huge. It’s such a deep honour to be entrusted with that… I want to inspire a deeper connection to self, to the heart, to the earth, and to the truth of the interconnectedness between all things… that we are not separate to nature, we are nature.”

The results are photographic embodiments of energy and meaning.  

Now based in Red Hill, Bri is inspired by the ocean and the many natural wonders of the Ninch… “It’s so wild how varied the land and waters are across the peninsula. The different rocks and soil, the different textures and colours of sand, the different energies, colours and the clarity and temperature of water. There is so much to explore! I’ve also really noticed a beautiful shift in the past year or so in the creative community down here. There’s so many amazing humans and things happening, it feels so exciting to be a part of it all.”

Bri’s first exhibition ‘COMING HOME’ was part of the O_C_E_A_N stream of the inaugural Drift Arts Festival, and she has many more plans a’swirling.

For now, you can find some of her fine art photographic prints at Jackie Jones in Rosebud and her smaller, brand new affirmation print collection (‘Re-Rememberings For Sensitive Beings’) will be on offer at the Design & Drink market.

Bri’s Fine Art Photographic Prints and framed locally, on Boon Wurrung and Bunurong Country at Southern Buoy in Mornington, using handmade, sustainably sourced Tasmanian Blackwood and archival 100% cotton rag, custom-made to order.

Image of Bri courtesy of Jordy Todd