Chloe McColl has always loved the practices of making, crafting and adornment — but it was when she embarked on studies in Metals and Jewellery that her artistic vision was set in stone (or silver and gold, as it were).

Armed with refined making skills and a clear philosophy, Chloe completed her studies at Monash University in 2011 and created Chloe McColl Jewellery. Along the way, her works were selected to exhibit at FRESH — Craft Victoria’s showcase of the year’s most promising students — and at Talente in Munich, Germany.

Today, Chloe specialises in precious metals and gemstones. She has an impressive collection of Australian sapphires for customisations — taking inspiration from the dazzling ocean waters that flank her home.

“I love our ocean surroundings,” says Chloe. “The beach, the local flora, fossicking for beach treasures, and the colours.”

Like all good art, Chloe’s handcrafted pieces are about far more than the objects themselves: they offer a means by which to capture, distil and express various facets of daily life.

“My love for jewellery is from seeing the way it can symbolise and represent the world around us; it can embody special memories, places and people,” says Chloe. “I wanted to create pieces that connected with people, that shared their stories or held their special memories. I wanted to create jewellery that offered the wearer a personal connection.”

Those familiar with Chloe’s stunning creations know that her work is sculptural, textured and crafted. Fewer might be aware that she specialises in the lost art of wax carving and casting.

“I love to see the way the soft elements of the wax translate into the harder forms of precious metals,” she says.

Visiting Chloe’s studio in Rye and perusing her collection is “an experience, a conversation — like a catch-up with an old friend sharing stories and memories”. Visits are by appointment only, though keep your eyes peeled for the occasional open studio day.