Support your practice and your local studio by signing up for online classes during lockdown.

The Ninch is lucky to have a strong and vibrant yoga community, with world-class teachers and studios dotted from Frankston to Sorrento. Whether you prefer live classes or on-demand, take some time to slow down, chill out and unwind with these thoughtful online offerings.

Soul Haven; Yoga

Soul Haven; Yoga are continuing to offer free daily classes during lockdown. Bring your working-from-home life into balance with online Yin Yoga, Meditation and Vinyasa Flow classes. “We all need yoga and mindfulness practices more than ever!” says studio owner Petrae Massoud. You can choose to support the studio by purchasing casual classes or class packs to use once the studio reopens, or by making a one-off donation to the studio. “Now more than ever, we need our community,” says Petrae.

Ocean Beach Yoga

Ocean Beach Yoga are offering pay as you feel online classes during lockdown, allowing you to pay as little or as much as you like for your practice. No expectation. No judgement. Choose from a diverse schedule of daily classes to help you cultivate strength, suppleness and mindfulness, including Yin Yoga, Slow Flow or Mat Pilates classes. “We’ll continue to be here for you and to ride the wave with you”, says studio owner Maggie Carr.


Studio Paradise  

The aptly named Studio Paradise aims to provide “a sense of community between the dunes and the surf”. Their experienced teachers continue to offer online classes during lockdown, including Slow Flow, Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, and Buff Bones and Mat Pilates. “We are wrapping everyone in virtual hugs”, says studio owner Susan Roper. “Wecontinue to support the community with online classes so that we can keep our beautiful connections alive.”


Silver Leaf Yoga Studio

Silver Leaf Yoga specialises in Iyengar style yoga, which emphasises alignment and precision, though they are also well known and loved for their aerial yoga classes. You can expect an approach that is practical, informative and down to earth. Whilst we can’t wait to be back in the silks, Silver Leaf continues to offer Gentle, General and Vinyasa classes during lockdown via Zoom.


Warrior One

Warrior One are offering online memberships that provide you with access to their extensive and expansive back catalogue of classes. Choose from various styles, including Yoga Nidra, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Mantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Strength and Cardio sessions. “We have created this very special offering to give you a complete practice, help reset your mindset, keep your body in balance and ensure you can flow right back into the studio when we reopen”, says owner Nova Rosaia.


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