58 Cook St, Flinders VIC 3929
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When you think of Flinders, you might think of the beach and the bay, but what about bread?

Flinders Sourdough, down a little dirt driveway just off Flinders' Main Street, is humble but rich with history. Before owners Margaret and David established Flinders Sourdough, the building was also a bakery, but what drew the attention of Margaret and David when they were looking at establishing their own, was the vintage 12-foot long, six-foot wide, brick layered oven.

As you walk in, you’ll instantaneously feel like you’ve been transported back to an earlier time. With vintage wooden barrels and benchtops, you’ll immediately be drawn to the freshly baked bread laid out in front of you, alongside their best seller, the iconic beach bun.

With many different varieties of bread available made from locally sourced ingredients from around the Peninsula, their vienna and rye loaves are a big hit among the locals, while spelt, seed and fig loaves are a favourite with tourists from Friday to Sunday when the bread is hot out of the vintage brick oven.

It’s all about the slow process that makes Flinders Sourdough different. With a twin armed mixer made from a German replica that slowly blends the dough without vigorous movement, their sourdough bread is made at a gentle pace giving the ingredients ample time to mesh together perfectly.

Quality is paramount when it comes to baking for Flinders. They are one of just three certified organic bakeries in Victoria, meaning you can trust the ingredients in your bread are of the highest quality. They locally source many of their ingredients from around the Peninsula, partnering with farms and businesses alike.

Their signature beach buns are ones that tourists continue to flock back for year after year and are constantly selling out at the Boneo market they attend each week. These little buns consist of coconut and apricot knitted together with soft sourdough that gives you a fruity flavour in every bite.

For those looking for a sweeter option, Flinders Sourdough also offers a selection of tasty treats, including a creamy vanilla slice and they have started to delve into ice cream when the summer rolls around.

Everything they do at Flinders Sourdough is done with a dose of love and care; they love their community and care about their bread. They make sure every loaf heads out the door at the highest quality, and with a smile.