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The Mornington Peninsula is graced with countless narratives of boutique businesses driven by a passion and love for this land – but few hold the global stature Gordon Studio Glassblowers does. The simple truth is, not many of our 8 billion-human population are capable of evolving a skill that has been practised since the middle of 1st Century BC. 

You can feel the ancient craft in each artisanal design, telling stories of yesteryear through a modern-day lens. From native animals, to large platters and Zoom framers, to centrepiece garden sculptures, the Gallery presents a smorgasbord of glass art – all created in the Red Hill studio. 

To look into the finished creation presents an opportunity to see captured fire manifesting in a spellbinding energy and light – telling a personal story for a lifetime to those fortunate enough to own a piece, however small or large.

Passed over 60 years through three generations of the Gordon family, from Norway to Scotland to Adelaide, Tasmania and Victoria, each Gordon glassblower brings their own perspective on the craft. 

From Alasdair and Rish Gordon mastering engraving and sandblasting techniques in Norway, to Eileen and brothers Kevin and Cameron – and then Eileen’s husband Grant – to their two sons Hamish and Calum, who grew up in the studio and are now both emerging glass artists working in Australia and New Zealand.

To watch Eileen Gordon and husband Grant Donaldson at work with their sons and the team is mesmerizing. In the same way that we are transfixed by fire, watching people create colour, movement and light from fire further fills the cup. 

Such skills – and active artists with this experience and talent – are usually reserved for audiences in the artistic and cultural capitals of the world; New York, Berlin, Montreal or Milan. But here on our doorstep, we’re extremely proud that the Gordon Family and their business call Red Hill, and the Mornington Peninsula, home.