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Great wrap co-founders Jordy and Julia Kay haven’t always worked in the sustainability space.

Once a winemaker and an architect, Julia was disillusioned by the amount of waste generated in the construction industry; whilst Jordy felt the same about the lack of sustainability in vineyards.

“One day we were sitting on a beach and asked ourselves: if we weren’t operating in our respective industries, would they be any different without us?” says Julia.

“The answer felt like a no, which was when we really decided to do something more meaningful for the planet and for ourselves. We both love spending time in the ocean so the plastic waste problem felt like a natural fit to tackle.”

In 2019, the pair launched the cleverly titled materials science start-up Great Wrap and became Australia’s first manufacturer of certified home compostable cling wrap made from food waste and compostable biopolymers. Since then, they’ve expanded the range to include industrial pallet wrap and soon, catering wrap for eco-conscious hospitality businesses.

Over four years, Great Wrap has grown from a team of two to tens of staff members, including bio-designers, engineers, strategists and scientists.

Whilst the brand is rooted in purpose, it’s also more than a little bit fun. The introduction of Great Mate, a refillable dispenser made from 33 recycled PET bottles, catapulted them into the realm of homewares. Julia drew on her design skills to create a dispenser that’s not just ergonomic, but easy on the eye. With its pastel colours and modern silhouette, you won’t want to stow your cling wrap away in the bottom drawer.

When they’re not devising earth-saving technologies, you might find the Kays kicking back at one of the Mornington Peninsula’s many back beaches. “We love the relaxed lifestyle and landscape. Jordy grew up on the Mornington Peninsula so we’ve been lucky to explore pockets that many people wouldn’t know about.” says Julia.

You can shop Great Wrap's range of home compostable cling wrap via the website, with prices starting at $9.90 for two 'nudie' rolls.