364 Dundas St, Rye VIC
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Tucked away at the back of Rye is Hunter Store and Cafe and it’s one of those rare places that makes spending half a day in a cafe all too easy. Originally named Hunter because of the array of second hand items for sale, now is a play on words given their meat-free offering. They still stock many goods and clothes in their space alongside a completely vegan menu.

The idea came about after finding a gap in what was being offered on the Peninsula for people with dietary requirements. It’s clear owners Jaye and Kim are like-minded in their approach to diet inclusive and sustainable produce. “The reaction of our customers is one of my favourite things” says Jaye, explaining that often people are surprised at how beautifully presented and delicious an all vegan menu can be.

Targeting the environmentally conscious local, this cafe offers something for every vegan and non-vegan alike. Food like smoothie bowls, burgers and satay tofu pair deliciously with Commonfolk Coffee’s Godfather blend. Head down for a quick takeaway or stay for a while, you won’t be disappointed.

The market for vegan friendly and gluten free food is rising on the Peninsula and the pair have plans to expand and take on more staff as their business grows. Hunter is one of Rye’s best kept secrets, but as Jaye says, “this is just the start for us”, and we certainly hope so!