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A black tap in Kellie Langeliers’ Mount Martha home was the initial inspiration behind Mornington’s happiness haven, Luup.

For Kellie, the simple task of washing her hands with this tap was a fleeting moment of relaxation. An everyday action, typically made with very little thought, became something far greater for the mother of three. Something revitalising and empowering.  

Kellie has lovingly replicated this uplifting experience. She has cleverly crafted a space that encourages women to slow down, be mindful, and indulge in a coffee or a massage.

Kellie's knowledge of the beauty and wellness industry puts her in a prime position when it came to making decisions surrounding Luup.

Despite this, Kellie admits that Luup’s first day of opening – just over a year ago on November 17 – wasn’t all smooth sailing. As their first ever customer walked through the doors, Kellie’s nerves saw her accidentally overcharging the woman for her athleisure items! After realising, Kellie successfully tracked the woman down to make things right, and a year on says she’s still learning.

For the majority of her life, Kellie has called the Mornington Peninsula home. She spent ten years living in the United States after marrying her American husband, but says she will always be drawn back to the ninch’s stunning coastlines.

Kellie’s mornings are understandably hectic and usually begin before 5am. She starts her day with a dip in the ocean or a brisk walk, before returning home to see her kids off to school. She’s at Luup by 8am where she runs the day-to-day operations of the business.

During her down-time, Kellie enjoys supporting other local businesses, notably the Peninsula Herbal Dispensary, and Luup’s coffee supplier Little Rebel. You can also find her with an array of podcasts in her ears. Kellie’s list of favourites is long, but includes How I Built This, My Favourite Murder and No Filter, just to name a few.

One year in, and Luup has already grown to new heights. Kellie believes the key to success in business is the ability to evolve, and Luup is doing just that. Community and connection are at the heart of the business, and every day Kellie and her 20 or so staff are committed to providing an exceptional and welcoming experience for every person that steps through Luup’s doors.