22 Collins Road, Dromana VIC 3936
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When Pete Roberts opened his first cafe in Mount Martha, he realised the coffee bean he was purchasing didn't quite hit the mark. So, he started roasting coffee himself. Now Pete is supplying more than 60 businesses with his locally roasted blends from around the world.

Little Rebel Roastery only works with the finest suppliers. They pay a premium for quality coffee beans, to ensure customers receive a unique coffee experience. Pete and his team work closely with coffee companies in Columbia and Brazil, and in fact you can only find Organic Honduras coffee at Little Rebel. They deal exclusively with the farmers in Columbia to roast it to perfection.  

Many coffee blends are on display in the Little Rebel shop. You can purchase it right off the shelf after watching it come out of the roaster in front of you. The cold brew has an incredibly unique taste, and is made in a way so secretive that even we didn’t find out! Nonetheless, it’s got the thumbs-up from us. Without a doubt, Little Rebel Roastery lets the taste do the talking.

While out riding motorbikes together, a friend once said to Pete, “What, do you think you’re a little rebel or something?” – and since then, he’s rolled with exactly that. Keep an eye out for the Steen Jones mural gracing the back wall of the shop, giving an insight into Little Rebel’s personality. It’s a must see.

After recently entering the Golden Bean, Little Rebel came away with seven medals from seven entries. Their coffee is now making waves around the Ninch and beyond. They regularly ship orders to the USA, and supply a countless number of wineries in the area as well. You might have already sampled Little Rebel and not even known it!

You can come in and enjoy a jaffle while sampling your favourite blend, or try a new drop to test your tastebuds. Little Rebel is open and ready to take your order from 8am–2pm Monday to Friday on Collins Street in Dromana.