Patrice and Catherine Repellin first moved to Red Hill ten years ago, drawn by an enduring love of good food and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

In 2021, the pair launched their own boutique accommodation, ‘Elsewhere’, alongside a private dining experience, ‘Maison by Patrice’. It’s a unique offering that pays homage to their hospitality roots and French-Australian heritage.

Patrice, a Frenchman and esteemed chef, has spent 30 years in the kitchen, with 15 years at the helm of his own hatted restaurant in Kooyong, Koots Salle à Manger. When the pair first moved to the Mornington Peninsula, they began the gruelling daily commute back to Melbourne.

Before long, an opportunity arose to work at Merricks General Wine Store, a local institution favoured by foodies far and wide. The pair soon found themselves immersed in the heart of the Peninsula’s hospitality scene, witnessing the local palate evolve as new producers emerged in the region.  

“I love how the Peninsula’s foodie culture has developed,” says Patrice. “There are now cheesemakers, breweries and distilleries where you can enjoy a grazing experience on-site, not to mention the vast number of wineries. It's so varied here, especially where we live, with the beach minutes away, but you feel like you're in the country surrounded by forest and wildlife.”

Maison by Patrice is their first foray into private dining, with a thoughtful offering that ranges from intimate dinner parties to canapés and cooked breakfasts. Maison means “home” in French, which is precisely how Patrice wants you to feel: fully relaxed and at ease.

Patrice is a one-man band in the kitchen, effortlessly entertaining and bringing a sense of old-world charm and theatre. He specialises in French cuisine that is made for sharing, providing a fine-dining restaurant experience in your own private setting. Classic techniques balance French flavours whilst showcasing locally-grown produce, with seasonal ingredients sourced from sustainable producers nearby.

A lunch or dinner sitting might include seared barramundi with spiced capsicum and tomato Basquaise and silky saffron aioli, or grilled sirloin fillet with fondantes potatoes and béarnaise sauce. For dessert, perhaps a classic Canelé Bordelais or apple tart Tatin served with vanilla ice cream. From three-course meals to eight-course degustations, each menu is expertly matched with a selection of local and imported wines.

Whether you are after a simple and nourishing home-cooked meal or upscale catering for a fancy soirée, Maison by Patrice allows you to be a guest in your own home. Patrice can set up in any sized kitchen or venue, creating endless opportunities for memorable meals enjoyed indoors or alfresco.