2-5/159 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South VIC
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A century of proud producers on expansive estates rolls out a siloed scene in Red Hill, but Many Little – a name steeped in tradition – is combining the best of this rich land under one cosy roof.

Like its mothership, Polperro (a quaint British fishing village), Many Little borrows its name from ye olde England along with the saying ‘many a little makes a mickle’, which means small things can amount to great things.

And the name is wholly relevant; a modern Sri Lankan menu combined with earthy Peninsula produce creates a venturesome food and drink experience, with roots firmly in local soil. Produce is predominantly sourced from their very own farm, located just down the road at Polperro.

Serving the drinks is bar manager and mixologist, Douglas Duvoisin, who emanates Scottish joviality through his stomping ground, as well as the bistro, beer garden and, most importantly, the drinks menu. Surrounded by a smorgasbord of spirits, ciders, craft beer and, of course, wine, there is a story behind every drop.

“I’ll only stock Australian spirits if they’re good enough,” is his uncompromising stance. And coming from a Scotsman, “good” is a high bar; this one propped up with some of the finest gin and single malt whisky in the world.

Luckily, Douglas is more compassionate than his vetting process, and a trip to the bar is seasoned with a soft educational journey for those interested. Recycled spirit bottles sport dymo-embossed labels on the counter, brimming with homemade potions of rosemary and olive oil infused Tanqueray (Gin) and cacao vodka.

‘Sam’s Barrell’ Chardonnay and Pinot Noir take two of the six taps either side of a bar shared by the terrace and bistro, with the others left for a rotation of Victorian seasonal craft ales that explore territories usually unchartered in such an establishment.

Sam Coverdale, the man behind the “Barrell”, Polperro and Many Little, is the winemaker. He stocks this cellar door with the produce of grapes grown only in Victoria or France, although there is an exception made for a Pinot Noir Rosé from the Canberra District (NSW) on Polperro’s signature label, Even Keel. The Rosé is so good that it often makes an appearance in the menu as a jelly.

Many Little Bar & Dining is open Thursdays and Fridays (3pm - late), and Weekends from 12pm for lunch and dinner service.