675 Point Nepean Road, McCrae VIC 3938
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Nestled among a small cluster of shops on McCrae’s foreshore, you’ll find Merchant & Maker. You’d be forgiven for whizzing past it on your morning commute. It doesn’t flaunt its presence, nor does it need to. The Mornington Peninsula’s “Best Cafe” three years running draws a crowd without needing to oversell its location.

You’re greeted by a vintage feel when you enter the cafe, with chipboard timber tables, wooden shelving and railed ceiling. With ample seating inside and out, it creates an atmosphere that’s enjoyable to sit and relax in.

The Merchant & Maker team takes pride in being a part of their customers’ lives. The crew here want to get to know you and live life with you. No request is ever too much and each and every staff member is always up for a chat. Merchant understands the importance of community, and that comes across almost immediately when you’re greeted warmly at the door.

Now, let’s talk food. The menu here is extensive. There are plenty of breakfast and lunch options to choose from, with many vegan, vegetarian and gluten free as well. As a partner of Commonfolk Coffee, Merchant & Maker brings customers the highest quality coffee. In fact, quality is something they pride themselves on. Only the best ingredients are used – the team doesn’t pay $700 for chocolate to include in their dishes for no reason.

With the popular McCrae beach right across the road, it’s the perfect place to have a bite to eat, or cool down with an iced cola on a warm summer's day. We recommend trying the french toast – it’s beautifully topped off with ice cream and fresh berries. Dee-lish.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but Merchant & Maker has begun to attract the attention of many people across the Ninch and beyond. It’s somewhat of a hidden gem still, but won’t be for much longer. It’s a humble cafe just waiting to be discovered.