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It can be hard to pin down what makes a boutique bouquet so darn special, but Nat Dullard seems to know the secret. A studio florist based in Mornington, Nat Dullard Floristry uses layers of colour and texture to weave a narrative and create a sense of interest and intrigue.

Nat’s signature arrangements incorporate charming florals and foliage, from soft peonies and hydrangea to fragrant daphne and flowering viburnum. “My style isn’t too prescribed – it’s all about movement and colour, and how each element adds to the overall beauty of the piece”, she muses.

Nat grew up working in the garden with her dad, toiling over the small plot of soil he assigned her and delighting in trips to their local nursery. She was always fascinated by the awe-inspiring power of nature and the patience required to grow and nurture living things.

Though choosing a favourite flower may be akin to choosing a favourite child, Nat says tulips hold a special place in her heart. “I love how they continue to follow the light as a cut flower; they continue to grow and move. They evolve from a tight bud when they’re first cut, to a beautiful full bloom, to a long and bendy stem. There’s a unique beauty to each stage of their journey.” It’s this feeling of joy and wonder that eventually led Nat to pursue floristry.

Whilst studying floral design, Nat, an eager student, learnt the tricks of the trade frrom a variety of experienced mentors, teachers, employers and peers. Still, the process remains intuitive for Nat, with the combination of creativity and physicality making it a deeply meditative practice. It’s hard for the mind to wander when you’re battling with thorny garden roses or wild foliage.

There’s also the immense satisfaction that comes with nailing a brief. Often, clients will come armed with a basic mood board or colour palette, and it’s up to Nat to guide them and bring their vision to life. Her designs are playful and personalised, from show-stopping centrepieces to rambling bar arrangements and delicate posies.

Though Nat specialises in weddings and events on the Mornington Peninsula, she can create nuanced arrangements for any occasion. “I love how flowers can bring hope and joy to any life event. They have the ability to connect people and create a sense of celebration”.