Working from her cosy studio nestled amongst the dunes of Portsea back beach, Di Mattingley lovingly designs products to support sacred self-care rituals.

The name 'Nunchi' is inspired by a Korean concept – the subtle art of gauging how other people are feeling in a given moment. It’s about emotional intelligence and connecting to the collective mind and mood of a room. Nunchi's blissful blends are designed to create a pocket of calm, evoking stillness and sweet serenity.

Through holistic counselling, Di was first introduced to essential oils to bolster and support her mental wellbeing during a challenging period in her life. She had begun exploring alternative therapies and found herself naturally drawn to the calming effects of aromatherapy. She spent months experimenting with flower essences and researching their use in complementary medicines. It was a slow process from which the idea for Nunchi bloomed.

Di knew that she wanted to create a tangible product that people could reach for to bring them back into the present moment. When formulating her first range, she gathered a group of friends around her kitchen table and encouraged them to respond to her formulations intuitively so that she could continue to enhance and elevate the blends.

Nunchi’s first foray into business began with a coveted spot at Emu Plains Market, an outdoor event that showcases talented local artisans from the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. Adorned with a suspended floral arrangement and the signature moody branding, the stall received a swell of interest. Di knew from that moment that her idea had landed and that Nunchi was resonating with people.

Harnessing the emotional power of scent, each Nunchi Mood Spray is designed to refresh and revitalise the sacred spaces in your home, car, office or yoga studio. Our favourite blends include the uplifting 'Sunny', the grounding 'Three Oms' and the calming 'Just Chill'. Since first launching, the range has grown to include luxurious organic Body Oils and Meditation Cards (The Magic Mindfulness Cards for Kids are our pick for festive gifting).

Though Nunchi is now stocked in boutiques stretching up the East Coast (and favourited by Swedish brand Funkis), each product is still handcrafted, hand-poured and infused with intention. It's a delicate, deliberate, and thoughtful offering designed to uplift and inspire.

When asked what success means to Di, she says: "It's all about adding value. The benefit of the product needs to outweigh the environmental cost of production.” The sleek, stylish and sustainable packaging is gentle on the planet and designed to be reused, repurposed and regifted.

Di counts herself lucky to live and work on the Mornington Peninsula and feels a spiritual connection to the land here. Indeed, her great grandfather built one of the original homesteads that stood sentinel on the clifftops between Sorrento and Portsea, and she's watched the region transform over the years to include a thriving creative community.

For Di, living on ‘The Ninch’ is all about lifestyle. Her daily non-negotiables include a walk to Shelley Beach and a coffee from Baked in Portsea, or a bike ride out to the barracks of Point Nepean. "There's just something so special about that place; it still feels untouched," she says. The raw and rugged coastline has inspired an upcoming collaboration with artist Hannah Nowlan details of which are soon to be released.

As the world continues to open up and the daily pace begins to hasten, you too can invite a moment of calm into your day with the sweet and grounding scents of Nunchi. You'll find Di's blissful blends on the shelves at The Somers General, Warrior One in Mornington, Jackie Jones and Zarb and Ru in Rosebud, The Artisans Storeroom in Flinders, Elephant in Sorrento or online via