786 Esplanade, Mornington VIC
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A refreshing celebration of people and produce. That's how Mount Martha couple Stevie and Pete describe the fresh, traditional-style gelato and sorbet they’re serving at Mornington’s newest gelataria, OKAY LUCY.

With a prime position on the Mornington's iconic Esplanade, OKAY LUCY has seen a steady stream of young families, couples, retirees and tourists through the doors since opening in the peak of the 2019/20 summer.

The shop’s peachy exterior and sleek design is a nod to Stevie’s creative background in marketing and branding, while husband Pete’s roots are in project management. Inside they’ve managed to create an environment that merges old school gelato vibes with millennial aesthetics, with visitors keen to snap and share photos of the vibrant gelato popping against the pink walls.

In traditional pozzetti style, the gelato and sorbet is kept in perfectly tempered stainless-steel cylinders, protecting it from oxidation and ensuring every scoop is at its freshest. Customers are encouraged to sample the rotation of flavours prior to purchasing, with tastings served by friendly staff.

“Our focus is connecting with people and creating an experience — not just a transaction. Everyone has been so encouraging, everyone wants us to thrive,” Stevie says, of the local traders and their ever-growing customer base.

The menu changes daily, showcasing traditional favourites, such as zesty citrus sorbets (blood orange is a must-try) and dulce de leche gelato, alongside uniquely Ninch flavours: chunky honeycomb gelato made in-house with Pure Peninsula Honey’s Yellow Box variety, strawberry gelato using freshly picked punnets from Sunny Ridge Farm, Commonfolk Coffee-infused gelato and moreish nuts from the Peninsula Nut Company. It’s said that Italian connoisseurs judge gelatarias based on their pistachio, which in OKAY LUCY’s case is a great sign, because it’s often the first flavour to sell out.

Meeting the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, the venue also offers dairy-free sorbets, vegan-friendly waffle cones, and gluten-free options upon request. This healthy ethos is balanced by a free-flowing Nutella tap, which doubles as an indulgent topping in summer and a rich hot chocolate base during the cooler months.

With a clear appreciation of the Mornington Peninsula landscape, Stevie and Pete understand the need for environmental sustainability in business. With eco-friendly paper cups and straws, biodegradable spoons and  Calm & Stormy sparkling water in recyclable aluminium cans, every aspect is considered.

You’ll find OKAY LUCY’s fringed umbrellas out and doors open from 11am-late daily. It’s the perfect spot to stop by for a scoop en route to Mornington Park, as a post-swim treat or standalone date night. Their custom-made gelato cart is also available to cater for fancy functions and events.