968A Nepean Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931
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Three years ago Ben and Hayley Shaw were ambling through a Byron Bay market when they came across a long line of eager people. Understandably, they wondered what the fuss was. Turns out it was donuts! Fast forward three years – Ben and Hayley unlock the doors to their very own donut store in Mornington in the early hours, every morning.

Rebel Donuts inhabits one of the more unique and out-of-the-way shopfronts in Mornington. The bright colours of the store just draw you in, and with racks of delectable donuts on display and a sweet smell in the air, Rebel immediately captures your senses. They have all bases covered too, serving vegan and gluten friendly options too.

Owners Ben and Hayley wanted their building to be different, but in a good way. What was once a Pizza Hut restaurant (back in Pizza Hut’s heyday, that is) now provides a spacious location where you can enjoy your choice of donut, milkshake or hot beverage.

Community means everything to Rebel. You’ll often find Ben or Hayley out delivering donuts to their fellow local businesses. And at the end of the day, you’ll be relieved to learn that the leftover donuts don’t go to waste. Instead, they’re donated to the many local servicemen and women at the CFA, Victoria Police and hospital night staff to get them through their long overnight shifts.

Beyond their incredible commitment to supporting hardworking service people, Rebel Donuts has partnered with some of the Ninch’s finest producers. Their fresh strawberries come directly from Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm and their eggs from Somerville.

While running a donut shop may sound pretty easy-going, it was an ambitious adventure from the start. Ben, a former chief technology officer at a tech company and Hayley, a former wedding photographer, both sacrificed successful careers to start this experience. They’ve embraced the journey at every turn, and customers flock from far and wide to sample their donuts.

“That’s what gets us up in the morning, knowing we’re providing something nice for the community,” Hayley explains.

You’ll find Rebel Donuts on the corner of Nepean Highway and Mornington-Tyabb Road. Open daily, donuts are available from 6.30am until late into the evening.