60 Bulldog Creek, Dromana, 3936
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Down a gravel road and to the right sits the expansive and ethereal Tanglewood Estate. The 100 acres of twisted eucalyptus and lovingly restored buildings give the grounds its name. The venture is truly a family affair; at least one of the McEvoys will be there at any given time, setting up for an event or tending the grounds, or meeting with prospective i-doers.

The McEvoy family first discovered the property in 2010 but didn’t acquire it until more recently in 2015, holding their first wedding — for one of the sons — after some major renovations.

While the Estate is widely known for its stunning venue, the working vineyard is having its own time in the limelight. Nick, one of the McEvoy clan, has taken over the care of the vines and is producing a wide variety of Tanglewood Wines. While there’s no cellar door, you’ll find the wines at any Tanglewood event and selected wholesalers — or, just pick up a bottle online.

The 33-year-old vineyard yields delicious cool climate wines, among kangaroos, lizards and any number of Aussie wildlife — not to mention Archie, the border collie.

Given there is no shortage of vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula, their new brand was bound to face competition, but Nick and partner Naomi have positioned their product to sit in a slightly younger market. It’s accessible, but not underdone, and tasty as all get out. On the deck of the building coincidentally named ‘the winery’ we tried the pinot noir, pinot gris and rosé in the sunshine, followed by a tour of the property via golf cart.

The lifestyle of it all is enviable. “I love meeting all the people”, Nick says, not to mention all the other perks of being his own boss.

This place is all the good things about the Ninch. Warm and generous hosts, beautiful scenery and wine to boot. Tanglewood is one to watch.