165 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South VIC 3937
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When you head to a restaurant, you want to sample fine food and wine but also genuinely have an experience while doing it. This is what the Epicurean Red Hill gives – a true Italian experience.

You might find yourself dropping in on their cosy bakery (a collaboration with Johnny Ripe) for a snack or a coffee, and finding so much more. The largest area in the Epicurean, The Shed Restaurant, takes your breath away for a second. The sheer size and grandeur is palpitating. With a large fireplace lined with locally sourced stone from Red Hill, it straight away brings a warmth to the restaurant.

The staff set the tone inside. With a relaxed and friendly vibe, the restaurant becomes a hub of activity and enjoyment. The springtime sees a flurry of wedding receptions and events too. With three private function rooms to choose from, there’s an option for most sizes and budgets.

Local brews like Jetty Road, Mornington Lager and Two Bays Pale Ale are on tap so you’ll always find a drop to complement your meal – and that’s even before you get to the wine. There’s a map that shows the location of all 102 wineries across the ninch. That’s if you even notice it and can draw your eye away from the enormous wall of wine on display for you to taste!

When you glance across the menu, you know you’re in for a treat. Epicurean has collaborated with some of the Mornington Peninsula’s finest like Baker Boys and Sciculuna’s. Weeknight specials are a favourite among the locals, with the chef whipping up a multitude of meals to enjoy. You can watch the woodfire pizza you ordered be freshly made too. It’s a favourite among tourists and locals alike. The Napoli style thin crust leaves you feeling light and satisfied, without that heavy, bloated feeling we’ve all experienced before.

The woodfire pizza is a must. The wine is plentiful. The staff are brilliant. There’s not much more you need to know, just visit and let yourself be immersed in the authentic Italian experience.