1947 Frankston – Flinders Road, Hastings
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Combining modern style with traditional craftsmanship, The Wood Project designs and builds custom furniture worth celebrating. Each piece is hand-crafted and unique, creating a sense of understated luxury inspired by the natural environment.

Transforming a standard log into a piece of furniture is a two-year process and a labour of love, taking into account time spent sourcing, salvaging, milling, kiln-drying, cutting, shaping, sanding, filling, waxing and finishing. It's an investment in time, quality, and old-school artistry that offers a conscious alternative to mass-produced, flat-pack furniture.

For founders and furniture makers Nathan and Sarah Worth, sustainability is their core purpose. The husband-and-wife duo initially started The Wood Project to reclaim and repurpose unique timber otherwise destined for the burn pile. The pair couldn't stand seeing natural forests depleted whilst local trees, having reached their lifespan, were felled and frittered away.

So, they got to work on a business plan that offered an all-inclusive, sustainable solution, using 100% recycled timber to produce custom furniture and fencing on The Ninch.

Timber joinery is a time-honoured skill, and the pair have surrounded themselves with a small team of modern-day makers who've mastered the craft. In recent years, there has been a shift in architectural and interior design, with high-end commercial and residential properties embracing the simplicity and integrity of raw materials. Recycled timber is an environmentally friendly alternative that simultaneously earths and elevates a space. Unlike trees grown in plantations, reclaimed Australian hardwoods offer organic variations in grain and colouring, with knots, veins and pockets adding depth and character to the finished piece.

While their bespoke benchtops, lux bathroom vanities, and beautiful mantelpieces are equally striking, The Wood Project's recycled timber dining tables are the crown jewel of the operation. It's a truly tailored experience for the client, who can opt for a single slab or different cuts from the same log, which are then book-matched and joined with precision.

Live edges showcase the natural lines of the tree, whilst a straight cut edge will create a sleek and polished finish. The team also design and fabricate the matte-black steel bases that support the tops, ensuring structural integrity without detracting from the natural beauty of the timber. The result is a timeless, original piece that is full of character and steeped in local history.  

When asked what they love most about running The Wood Project, Nathan and Sarah agree that it's the ability to work together as a team, be creative, and continue to hone their craft, all whilst offering a sustainable service in Hastings to a broader community. As with all small businesses, there's a magnitude of work that goes on behind the scenes, but the team take great pleasure in the process: creating ethical and artisan furniture built to last a lifetime.