10 White Hill Rd, Dromana VIC 3936
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In the heart of Dromana with views of the beach and the bay, sits a little farm that is changing the way locals and tourists shop for their produce.

Torello Farm on White Hill Road is different. When you walk in, the smell of fresh fruit and produce hits you straight away. Rows of butternut pumpkins, mixed leaf kale and bok choy line the shed walls for you to browse, fresh from the fields. You won’t find bananas or mangoes on the racks, however. Torello only sources vegetables grown from its own fields or farms around the Mornington Peninsula. As the seasons change, so does the produce. Coming into summer, you’ll see the fields slowly being filled with bright red tomatoes and succulent apricots ready to pick.

Torello Farm sells Belted Galloway beef and Dorset Down lamb, grown and grass-fed on land just a few minutes away too. They’re heritage breeds and were chosen because they exhibit the most incredible flavour – something that the three families that run Torello take pride in. It’s not uncommon to find really unique products like this at Torello Farm – ones you won’t find in many other stores.

The Torello team is often told by regular customers that its produce “just lasts”. Torello are able to give you the longest lasting produce available thanks to one significant difference: food miles. From field to shelf, it's about 75 metres. It can be in the ground in the morning, and on the shelf by noon. That’s the difference Torello offers. They’re a plastic-free farm too, opting for compostable punnets to store their strawberries and broad beans in.

With three generations of farming prowess watching over the produce, you know Torello is quality. You’ll find its shelves full every day from 8am–6pm.