59 Kareela Road, Frankston VIC
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Hidden gems are dotted all over the Mornington Peninsula and Two Boys & A Beagle is nothing but that.

Tucked away on Kareela Street in Frankston, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it café. The name already has you confused, I’m sure. When owners Mikaela Keysers and Jamie Bowmen and were looking for a name, they glanced over at their two boys and their beagle.

With fairy floss pink walls greeting you as you enter the retro style café, it immediately hits you that this will be an experience. As you pick up the menu you see all sorts of items and wonder what exactly you want to try. We suggest their panna cotta pancake. Inspired by the décor and paired with a Commonfolk coffee blend, it’s something you’ll never forget, as a big round serving of pink pancakes lands in front of you.

Jamie has been a chef for over 15 years and loves creating. Mikaela was a fashion designer before turning her attention to the café as well. You start to see where some of the amazingly decadent combinations come from. With the large customised coffee machine (in candy pink, naturally) whirring constantly in the background as a steady flow of customers come through, the vibe grows and grows on you.

Pairing up with many of the Peninsula's farmers, gathering their produce from local farmers is important to Mikaela and Jamie. They source their eggs from Somerville, their bread from Baker Boys and coffee from Commonfolk. They love to support their fellow business owners on the Ninch.

If you’re a regular, grab a VIP card and nab a coffee on them every so often. Two Boys & A Beagle is memorable not just by name. The creative and custom vibe they’ve brought not only to their café, but their product stands out. It’s a must-stop.