Cnr Cook &, Wood St, Flinders VIC 3929
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Part of the Flinders Hotel Group, Zigis Bar sits pretty at the end of Flinders’ Main Street. Sibling of Georgie Bass and The Deck Bistro, Zigis is somewhere between them both; serving a cocktail and tapas menu from mid-afternoon till late.

The space is a refreshing deviation from the Flinders norm, feeling more refined than the area’s usual fare. The reclaimed timber benches – made from boards salvaged from the Flinders pier – surround the bar and provide instant warmth; blue and green tiles line the back wall as a nod to Flinders’ sandy surrounds. As a tapas and cocktail bar, Zigis sees people all year round for summer refreshments or a wintry nightcap.

The group pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients and produce, so local spirits and wines are heavily featured on the menu. Drops from people like Bass & Flinders and Four Pillars are favourites, and are just as good beautifully combined into a curated list of cocktails. They go down easy at Zigis, and we couldn’t go past a classic espresso martini. Pair it with the baked truffle brie and you’re in for a treat.

The fireplace is enough to draw you in out of the cold, but live music will also do the trick.

Next time you’re in Flinders, head through the bright blue doors and to the left.