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All water tastes like, well, water, right? Wrong. When Dayle and her husband Olaf discovered they had a natural spring on their property in Red Hill, the way they viewed water completely changed and Three Bays – originally named Aqui-Live – was born. 

Falling from the sky in New Zealand, the water soaks through down into the deep depths of the earth and slowly makes its way along the tectonic plates to the paleolithic basement. The pressure then pushes it to the surface, right here on the Peninsula. 

When they first purchased the property, Dayle and Olaf weren’t sure what they’d come across until Olaf dipped his hand into the spring and took a small sip. The previous owners knew about it, but left it alone. Now custodians of the spring, they decided to explore the options further. 

After years of vigorous testing, Three Bays Mineral Water was ready for the market. In fact, it was ready for the world. Dayle and Olaf recently became a member of the Fine Water Society in America which showcases some of the best and purest water in the world. Three Bays entered, and conquered, with both their still and sparkling waters winning gold at the awards in Ecuador last year. 

There are only three natural springs on the Peninsula. The Peninsula Hot Springs occupies one and the other sits in McCrae. However, Dayle and Olaf’s natural spring is the only one capable of producing pure drinking water. It’s the only place it bubbles up in a pristine environment. That’s what makes it different. 

That first sip of Three Bays is something you’ll never forget. It’s totally different to any water you’ve tasted. It almost hits you unexpectedly. A smooth and almost fluffy taste, it contains 24 essential minerals to benefit human health at an amount that the body can process perfectly. 

Partnering with Victoria University, Three Bays have entered into a study around the affects their water has on elite athletes. It’s a 4-5 month trial with twenty participants to show how minerals affect the way your body reacts. 

Now, you’ll find Three Bays in stores around the Peninsula and the world alike. From Petina, a flagship Michelin Star restaurant in the USA to Torello Farm, Panda Blairgowrie and the Flinders general store. You have to try it. It’s perfectly still and delightfully sparkling.