How good is going to a brewery, bakery or restaurant and choosing ANYTHING on the menu. We’ll, here’s the local list for all our GF pals out there looking for some freedom ‑ feel like a donut? Gotcha. Vietnamese food? You bet! BEER? yes. Eat your heart out.

Le Feu Gluten Free Vietnamese

Dumplings, spring rolls, FRIED CHICKEN!? Goodness me. Can you tell this is written by a coeliac? It’s not often the GF choices are this broad so this is one to try! Find them just off Main Street Mornington serving French inspired Vietnamese food that looks THIS GOOD.

Twobays Brewery

Owner and fellow‑coeliac Richard scored the exclusive importing rights to 15 specialty #glutenfree malts that give Twobays craft beer its distinct taste.
There are eight beers on tap, plenty of options to enjoy. A wood fire pizza oven blazes away, cooking gluten free pizzas that hit the spot for anyone. Sit at a rustic, recycled wooden bench, and suss out your beer before it’s poured. Twobays sit them above the taps so you can see which ones pique your interest. These guys are known to host live music on occasion too!

Rebel Donuts

If the bright pink shopfront doesn’t draw you in, the sweet smell in the air will! While not a wholly GF store, Rebel Donuts have a separate cabinet for their gluten free sweet treats. Usually a cinnamon sugar or a classic glazed is the go ‑ but special flavours will also make the occasional appearance. These donuts are DELICIOUS ‑ even for gluten eaters ‑ so go and enjoy a smoothie or coffee at Rebel while you’re in Mornington.

Gluten Free Foods Store

Ok so teeeechnically you don’t go here to eat, but this place is too fun to leave off the list. This humble little store is filled with everything your gluten free heart could desire. Bread, snacks, cereal, baking, frozen foods ‑ you name it.

They have an awesome range of products from all over, all in their Mornington store.

The Good Food Bakery

PIES. And lots of them. Pastries, cakes and donuts too! This is the best lunch spot, better to get there earlier than later to snap up your favs! Their goodies are made fresh and fly off the shelves.

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