33 Dava Dr, Mornington VIC 3931
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For those living seaside on the Mornington Peninsula, fish'n'chips aren't just a salty summer snack; they're a year-round staple. Whether the sun is shining or we're in the depths of winter, having access to super-fresh fish'n'chips is just one of the many perks of living on The Ninch.

Enter Goldie's Fish & Chips, a ray of sunshine that's recently popped up on Dava Drive in Mornington. With a crisp white storefront and nostalgic yellow beach umbrellas, the fish and chippery is a welcoming beacon offering beachy summer vibes.

Owners Stevie and Pete are committed to living the dream all year round, having opened up their sister store – peachy gelateria OKAY LUCY – in 2019. Growing up with a tradition of Friday night fish'n'chips, Stevie decided it was time to bring her signature style and flair to the old-school experience.

Few fish and chippers boast inspiring design, but Goldie's offers a polished fit-out by architect and interior designer Alana Cooke. White rendered walls, blonde timbers, sleek lettering, and hourglass wall lights by Anna Charlesworth set the scene inside. The golden colour palette flows throughout the store, from the striped saloon doors that lead to the kitchen to the stylised menus plastered on the walls.

Whilst the space is geared towards takeaway, there are a few tables inside and out for those wanting to down their salty chippies in a flash. Either way, your feed will be wrapped in golden butcher's paper, making you feel like you've travelled back to 1970s California.

A crowd-pleasing menu includes all of the childhood classics you’d expect. Fish of the day grilled to perfection or fried in crispy golden batter, fresh scallops, flash-fried calamari, classic or supersized golden dimmies, crunchy potato cakes covered with a generous dusting of chicken salt. The hot chips are a cut above the rest and perfect for slathering in house-made gravy. Alternatively, a creamy house-made tartar sauce is a zesty delight that works well with everything.  

There's no forking out extra cash for condiments here. Whether you're looking for lashings of tomato sauce, a splash of vinegar, an extra squeeze of lemon or a mushroom soy sauce to dip your dimmies, you'll find them free-flowing at Goldie's. Healthy sides and freshly-made salads include a tomato, basil and bocconcini medley and generous servings of brown rice to soak up the juices.

Kids are well catered for with junior packs for $10 a pop, featuring fresh gummy, chips and their choice of gelato or drink. Big kids needn't miss out either, with larger lunchboxes and meal-packs for full-grown appetites.  

To finish the feast, take home a tub of OKAY LUCY gelato to satisfy those sweet treat cravings. Keep an eye out for the gelato vending machine soon to be installed out front for easy access at any time of day.  

Whether you're taking your fish'n'chips home to hungry mouths, posting up at the beach or heading to the park opposite, the sunny service and tasty menu at Goldie's is sure to leave you smiling. The fryers are on from 5pm-8pm Wednesday to Sunday, with burger night on the first Wednesday of every month.